Where is your happy place?

imageThis post is inspired by Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Podcast a podcast I have just discovered but throughly enjoying. So it got me to thinking where is my happy place? First and foremost it is my home with my family around me but perhaps that is the older wiser traveller within me…..but apart from home my happy place is an airport and to be more specific the outbound airport which for me is usually London Heathrow.  To be honest maybe  the first sighting of the airport sets the butterflies wings flapping with excitement.

Why? Well it heralds the start of a new adventure, exploring pastures new and finding out what is around the corner  in a far flung place. I love that feeling when you have checked in and you know for definite weather permitting you are on your way. I watch the other travellers and imagine all sorts of back stories as to why they might be travelling and where to. I never tire of that buzz in an airport at the beginning of a journey. …..so where is your happy place?

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