What does foreign mean to you?

IMG_6975As a traveller the daily prompt from wordpress is a gem, its right up my street! it’s foreign. So what does foreign mean to me? Something different, a different culture, something unknown, overseas, abroad, another country….the list could go on…..but I choose to interpret foreign as something very different to England and all that is English.

Of all the places or regions of the world that I have visited there are very few places that seem ‘foreign’ as globalisation has snowballed across the world.  We see Coca Cola, Starbucks, Nike etc etc etc available everywhere. Shopping malls are shopping malls the world over. But for me South East Asia still feels foreign, oh yes globalisation has reached these corners but the smells and the sounds can not be described as forever England, the culture for me appears very different, I love the serenity of the people, the smells and the chaos.

When I first visited America I was in awe of Sunny Delight and Oreo biscuits but we can buy these in the UK now  and have been able to do so for many years. I like to experience something different and south east Asia still offers that. My hopes for the future are that this area of the world never changes but my logical fears says it will. I hope I am wrong!

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