The Great British Gin Festival – Winchester

The doors opened and gin drinkers surged in to grab a glass, a gin bible and the first glimpse of a bunting clad Winchester Guildhall which was playing host to a multitude of gins in an array of colours and quirky shaped bottles with fascinating names.

It was an educational afternoon;I learned how to make the perfect gin and tonic and the gentleman from Sir Robin of Locksley taught us the differences between supermarket gin, distilled and Dry London.

………………and so with this new knowledge I ventured forth to taste, to swallow and to enjoy a raft of  that quintessential pastime that is the taking of a g and t.

30851276-FB8A-44FB-AF8F-B378E7020765My top choices (in no particular order)  of the day go to –

  • Xolato – and yes I could taste the Columbian chocolate
  • Zymurgorium Sweet Violet – It reminded The Grey Traveller of sunny summer childhood days and eating Parma violet sweets!
  • Gin Eva – a smooth citrussy flavour all the way from sunny Majorca.

My job is not done, my quest is not complete, there are many more gins to savour!

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