My five top wonders of the world.

There can be no definitive top five  wonders of the world list …..oh there would be the usual contenders of Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty e.t.c. but then not everyone would have the opportunity to see them let alone agree with a top five list. It also begs the question top five natural wonders of the world or top five man made wonders or a list which includes both? You decide.

Your wonders are probably based on how you felt on the day when you saw your wonder, who you were with, how significant that trip was or what special memories surround that visit. Here are my top five wonders, tell me yours!

47851_1654371678115_2263768_nGreat Barrier Reef, Australia – learning to snorkel just days before visiting the reef made this visit all that more special. It was also the first long trip without our children who were grown by then. Just having the freedom to slide off the back of a boat and swim in that oh so deep turquoise water was a priviledge I would like to take up again, but equally I appreciate that it might not appear to be so wondrous second time around.

Magic Kingdon, Orlando, Florida –  From the sublime to the tourist ridiculous, yeah I know. But the wow factor of being allowed to walk through those Disney gates for the first time hits the kid in you button big time. The fantasy, the imagination the thrill and excitement all rolled into one. Walt Disney I salute you!

83D8A231-1039-4D95-BB3C-7FAF97914360Angkor Thom, Cambodia – The temple of a thousand faces still there despite the jungle trying to claim this and many other of the great temples in Siem Reap. It is hard to imagine all those years ago stone being dragged a hundred miles or so by elephants in order to build this city of temples All the temples are wonders but this one with the faces shining through the rock is especially wondrous to me.

The limestone cliffs  of Halong Bay, Vietnam – is not so much about the cliffs themselves but the whole experience of kayaking in the Halong the incredible  two night cruise and seeing the floating village.

IMG_1638 The River Nile, Egypt –  which is one long wonder but one where you really get to see local life if you sail from Luxor to Aswan, as well as seeing amazing temples in cities such as Edfu, you get to see locals fishing, children walking home from school and women washing their families clothes.

You might not agree with my five, I might not agree with them myself in a few months time but these are my current five top wonders on a wet Friday afternoon in chilly England.



18 thoughts on “My five top wonders of the world.

      1. I would really love to visit the Nile Delta region and Egypt as a whole. This is in my top priority list. However, Cambodia and Vietnam would not fall too behind as well.
        In the meanwhile, my travelogues are documented in my blog. I would be very happy if you take your time out and follow my posts, and give your critical comments for my betterment. 🙂

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  1. Great idea…I might do something similar…and who’s to say we can’t change our mind in a few months time 🙂 Or when we can once again travel farther afield. Stay safe!

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      1. Definitely the Grand Canyon…it’s awe-inspiring for sure! Maybe Fatima because it was very moving to be there. The Alhambra…stunning! It’s definitely one to think about. Thanks for sharing yours!

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