That changing face of taking photos.

2D46E5E1-E4FE-4C4A-8B94-F3D9C62349D5Pre digital photography the traveller had to wait until they had returned home or find a chemist to organise printing of photos. It was expensive and you had to be selective at just exactly you would take a photo of and hope that no one would walk across your landscape as you clicked the shutter. You purchased film on reels of 12, 24 or 36 prints mainly and would hope that once printed you would find something decent from which you could remember your travels by.

Oh how times have changed come the digital age, you can be snap happy as the only restriction is the memory of your card or phone. No longer are photographers taking a cumbersome camera slung over the sun burned shoulders, many are now relying on just their camera phone. Whilst a phone might not have every advantage its size and weight certainly does. For the semi serious photographer you weigh up if a phone will do if you don’t want to carry your heavy DSLR. You can even get a suite of lenses to attach to phones to broaden the range of photograph that you can  take.

This leads to me to a pet hate the selfish selfie taker with a very long selfie stick who is oblivious to other people around.


Then there is the editing, there are a raft of editing apps, online software and the like to enhance your travel landscapes or enhance the body beautiful, easy to use and easy to share with the rest of the world on a raft of social media platforms. Now your friends and family can be a virtual tourist and ‘travel’ with you sharing the trips ups and downs, coo over breath taking sunsets and wish they were there too.

For those that still like a printed photograph it is easy to upload to a number of online stores, edit and choose a suitable size and they will plop through your letterbox a few days later. So what are you? An uncompromising photographer that takes the camera everywhere or a someone that shoots from their ‘phone?


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