How do you buy your travel?

IMG_7349More than thirty years ago most people in the UK would have bought their travel via a High Street Travel Agent whether it be for a flight alone or a combination of transport, accommodation and activities aka a package.

Some would have bought accommodation via an advert in a newspaper or magazine and found their own way there. Some would wait to book accommodation on arrival. Now of course there is the internet.

So how do you buy your travel today? Do you buy your flight direct with the airline or via a third party? Maybe some people still visit the High Street travel agent, after all they are still there which suggests a need for them. Do you spend weeks looking at third party flight sites to find that cheap deal and then suddenly take a plunge and book direct?

….and what about accommodation? do you wait until you arrive, do you use trip advisor and then book direct, use magazine adverts or if self catering are you an Airbnb user? By booking direct have you ever caught a cold .i.e. found accommodation not what you expected?, maybe you have had to walk away? After all a package would give you some protection.

Is car hire best bought via a third party, direct with hire car company or on arrival at the airport?

If you have a long trip organised and many elements booked do you have a folder with a messy combination of copied emails, e tickets and the like? Or do you rely on your phone and travel totally paperless?

So how we buy travel is clearly different now, let me know about the pitfalls you may have encountered or just comment on how you buy yours. Happy travels.

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