Has bad weather affected your travel plans?

077D5F67-79B3-464A-9B72-F53C4C29E6D9As the Beast from the East and Storm Emma continue to dominate UK news I thank my lucky stars that I have had only one trip affected by bad weather and that was Christmas a few years back when Storm Katie hit the south east and Turkish Airlines were unable to land at Gatwick.

After a couple of attempts our plane was redirected to Stansted where we were dutifully looked after by Stansted staff and our wonderful taxi driver extended his journey to collect us at the new destination….thanks Tony of Crofton Cars we will forever be in your debt.

The snow and freezing conditions have affected the very fabric of our country, flights have been cancelled or delayed, trains have stopped running, drivers have been stranded on motorways over night and a blitz mentality has affected the people of the UK with social media sites ablaze with offers of help for elderly people, 4 x 4 drivers offering to take nurses to hospitals and shops running out of milk. Fortuneatly down here on the south coast the bad weather came and went and we are now snow and ice free. Happy and safe travels everyone.

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