More traveller’s rants!

C47D5BD8-CD1C-4309-851B-39A09C43845FFollowing my initial post on traveller’s rants, this is a sequel or a follow on featuring other rants by fellow travellers and yes they are all on my personal travel rant list now, I so agree with all of them! Maybe it’s because I’m a traveller of a certain age but my rant list is getting longer!

Jonno of Jwalking agreed with my rant about selfish selfie takers and this is leading me to think that perhaps some landmarks should perhaps start banning selfie sticks or even photography of any kind. It seems likely that the new breed of selfish selfie taker could spoil it for the considerate photographers amongst us. Then there is the very new breed of drone operators and this is what Michelle from Leggingit had to say about them Drone operators who think they are the only people wanting a picture of somewhere aaargh I just want to turn into king kong and swat them.

One of the biggest annoying characteristics of fellow travellers seems to be the country counters …. they may well have been to 147 countries in 3 weeks but did they really learn anything? did they really soak up any atmosphere other than the recycled air in an airport? Penny Frederickson from Australia said I am a little put off by people who contact me with the opening sentence ..”Hi, I am “Dottie Do Little” and I have been to 126.5 countries (including airports) Can I travel with you? As you have probably guessed, I am not impressed by ‘country counters’. Carol of 2ndlifetravel also agreed about country counters and brought up the dilemma of tourist traps, we have all been caught out but perhaps as we travel more we can get wiser to this and avoid wherever possible. Carol said Travellers who brag about how many followers and the number of countries they have stepped into. Travellers who don’t speak any other language besides English because they think every country speaks English. The other day I took a tour of an animal rescue center in Costa Rica. The van stopped and we got off at a tourist trap and were told to buy something to help contribute to the economy. Two houses down the street there was a little shop run by a family. I would have rather shopped at their place. The place we stopped, of course, had a deal with the travel company. I hate tourist traps.

…and finally Malcolm of is really annoyed after heading home after a development and learning trip and knowing that people will think that you have been holidaying.

As you can see I’m not alone in my travel ranting, I came across Alyson of at world travel family and she had lots to say on the subject of ranting, please hop over to her blog and enjoy!

Still happy to hear your rants, please comment below!


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