Beer, Devon – a photoblog

7D05B17F-5C30-4222-8A7F-283970CB1138Just on the border of South Devon, Beer is a unique seaside town, sleepy and picturesque.

With the main road leading down to the beach, you immediately see a broad flat sheltered bay. The shingle is littered with fishing boats and the fleet can launch straight from the beach here which has contributed greatly to the success of the fishing industry. The town has thrived on fish and stone from the local quarry.

A streak of pretty cottages climb up the steep sides of the town and look down onto the robust stocky church and a handful of shops.

There is stream running down the High Street and remnants of an old water butt and town tap which no doubt served the original Beer residents well. Today’s visitors can enjoy the walk south west to  Branscombe along the beach.

5 thoughts on “Beer, Devon – a photoblog

  1. Thank you for showing the great photos. I was born and grew up in Beer, the beach being my playground! Swimming fishing, and boats. I used to row out past Beer Head and land on the little beach & explore. It’s an amazing little village, and I believe not much has changed. I remember running down to the beach for a swim before school, as our house was very close to the beach. I truly believe that there is nowhere quite like it, and if I was able I would return there like a shot, it’s magical!

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