Branscombe to Weston, a Devon walk.

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With sand encrusted boots and tired limbs I felt quite self righteous having completed a walk from Branscombe to Weston Beach and back via the cliffs!

Staying at The Mason’s Arms  in the village it was a ten minute walk to the beach. ……and in my infinite wisdom I agreed to walk up the steep and slippery cliffs south west to Weston.314CC9E9-97CA-4C93-9860-E390AF0674EB



The start of the walk allowed us to look down onto Branscombe a small village on the Devon border with its painted white cottages and of course The Mason’s Arms and also east towards the next headland with its impressive pinnacle standing guard over Branscombe’s beach.

1171B4C8-1130-4E40-8E9A-293A35DAD0F3The walk was challenging for a  a woman of a certain age as it was steep and during the winter extremely slippery. After walking for about ninety minutes we made our way down to the beach where we encountered ropes to help with our descent and a steep ladder for the last few steps down onto terra firm, this is not a walk for the faint hearted.

We continued walking towards Weston on a shingle beach which although somewhat easier than the undulating cliffs had its own challenges with steep shingle banks… strong walking boots to protect ankles are a must.


With the tide out we got to see some fabulous rock pools and only one other walker! The cliffs are home to tiny houses which locals use to gain a little piece of heaven away from the busier streets of the local towns and without a beach cafe or bar walkers must take their own refreshments if planning to make a day of it.

Our return journey back to Branscombe was via the beach and in total the round trip was approximately nine miles. This walk comes with a Grey Traveller health warning! Next time I will stick to the beach!

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