Snail mail versus modern means of communication whilst travelling.

C73DE7AC-7ACD-46DA-B7D1-07F875E4C704Following my recent post about means of communication and how this has changed over the last twenty years I had many responses not least from Sincerely Kate who assured me that letter writing is alive and well in Michigan in the good ole US of A.

She is not alone but it got me to thinking do travellers send postcards or do we just rely on modern means like social media to communicate with back home? I know I gave up writing postcards many years ago in fact I used to find it a burden to get them done in the first few days of a fortnight’s holiday so they would arrive home before I did.


No longer do fresh faced students escape to the other side of the world and  look for a phone box at the right time to ring scared parents in a different time zone sitting on the edge of the settee waiting to hear if they are OK. Now parents will know if junior has got on the train at their home station as they leave for their gap year minutes from when they waved off a rucksacked teenager. They will know if they have had a skinny latte at Heathrow and if that big metal bird is delayed or not. They can be with them every inch of their journey if their offspring so wish……. but does this make for less independence for the young traveller and more worry for the parent on that odd day that they don’t catch up….well that seems like another blog post.

Despite being a Grey Traveller I much prefer the convenience and the instantaneity of using my mobile or should I say cell for my American readers so reached out to my cyber audience and asked them how they communicate….and here are the results.

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are by far the most popular means of communication followed closely by Viber and Skype and Face Time. For ‘global all encompassing messages a status update for all to read along with a few photos keeps everyone happy on Facebook.  Alternatively some travellers have very good deals on roaming costs and make the odd phone call home. Some even say that once left they gradually lose touch with home so don’t make much much contact.


However some travellers do write the occasional letter or postcard particularly to older friends and relatives who are not so so social media savvy. Nothing beats the sound of the click of a postbox and a thud on the hall floor as a postcard drops onto a welcome mat and displays a picture of a far away place. Happy travelling, happy writing.

4 thoughts on “Snail mail versus modern means of communication whilst travelling.

  1. Hey, excellent blog post as I have posted hundreds of blog post with photos indicating my destination and location for which family and friends constantly are receiving postcards type blog post with links to read further about the destinations I have photographed.

    Currently, I seated on Smathers Beach in Key West Florida with this morning view. IMG_0766.jpg.jpg

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    1. Thank you for your comment, wow your weather there must be so much better than here on the cold and wet south coast of England. I am very much a fan of Florida and have visited Key West about ten years ago. Didn’t make it to Smathers though. How have the keys held up after the storms before Christmas?

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