Travel rants!

810A09D1-DAC7-409B-B913-E9B007980376Prompted by WordPress to conjure up a post – today I need to rant about my travel rants! ….and I would like to hear about yours and if featured will credit you and your website …….. so here are a few of mine.

  • No knob or hook to hang backpack or handbag in public toilets.
  • Platform passengers who try to alight train before you and fellow travellers have even got through the door to get off the said train.
  • Selfish selfie takers and photographers who are oblivious to others around.
  • Queue jumpers.
  • People who disrespect travel operatives who are only doing their job.

Please comment below if you have rants or indeed agree with mine, look forward to hearing from you. Or is just me a  Grey Traveller? with less tolerance as I grow older?

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