Barge holidays

img_4728What’s with all the barging  programmes on TV? There seems to be a glut of them and I am not complaining as I will be having my first taste of this travel genre shortly.

I love the patience, the passion and the relationship between Timothy West and Pru Scales as they navigate themselves round the UK, the continent and India. It’s clear that they have enjoyed the waterways as a couple and as a family over the past fifty years. They love to sit back with a glass of wine and reminisce and clearly Tim loves the fact that they can still do this together as they pull up at a bank or pass through a lock, they are doing this together and thats what matters now.

I also enjoyed the Barging Loving Celebs programme which saw some gentle and well meaning competition between two boats, in one team there was Captain Nigel Havers and his Midshipman Debbie McGhee whilst in the other was Simon Callow and Lorraine Chase……… I think they had equal status in terms of captaincy! We got to see some beautiful countryside through Wiltshire and then on the second trip was Wales and the incredible breathtaking Llangollen Canal.

As a walker there is nothing better than walking a canal towpath and trying to peer into these beautiful wooden boats and watch the bargees watching the world go by as the slip along the English canals.

Can’t wait until I doff my captains hat!

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