Ocean Village to Grand Harbour Hotel walk in Southampton.

Key Points

  • Location
  • Parking
  • Refreshments
  • What to see
  • Distance


The Grey Traveller loves a walk and happened on this one not so far from home. With the weather on the south coast being somewhat changeable there are places to run and take cover if rain persists!

Ocean Village is the regenerated port area of Southampton on the south coast of England in the county of Hampshire. Parked up in Ocean Village and had a stroll round the waterfront area where there are plenty of eateries and the fab looking  Southampton Harbour Hotel. Definitely glimpses of Southampton’s waterfront past with a capstan and anchors decorating the walkways and in fact the entire walk we experienced both the old and the new and a little taste of Southampton’s relationship with the sea and in particular its role in the great ocean going liner industry.

After drooling over the upscale leisure craft and fancy yachts we left Ocean Village via Channel Way and joined Canute Road a busy thoroughfare as it leads towards West Quay the main shopping area in the city. It wasn’t  necessary to cross this road until we more or less reached the Grand Harbour Hotel

4D60C07E-87BA-463E-A8C2-C19AE8B671F3It really is important to stop and look up at some of the buildings or even look down at feet level to admire the architecture and some of the almost hard to see mosaic tiling on the entry paths to some of the buildings. First building of interest was the Canute Hotel a white building on the corner of Canute and Royal Crescent, now home to an estate agents but it must have been a place where passengers would stay before or after their grand trip.

We then start to see links with Southampton and the Titanic as at Canute Chambers we learn that 549 local people died in its sinking …. building now appears to be residential but looks like a former bank perhaps?


Across the road we can see a disused railway station which would have brought trains to the South Eastern Hotel which rounds the junction between Canute and the aptly named Terminus Terrace.

The Royal Thai Pier is as the name suggests a Thai restaurant in a theatre style building on a pier! Would love to look round this building!




We can now see evidence of the old city walls which has to be another post all of its own and there ahead is the first glimpse of the spectacular triangular entry to B1FAC827-C322-404E-B477-8F7223847620The Grand Harbour Hotel


If you can tell me more about these local buildings would love to add to this post and of course credit yourself, I look forward to hearing from you.

2 thoughts on “Ocean Village to Grand Harbour Hotel walk in Southampton.

  1. Southampton is a great city and Ocean Village looks fabulous, they’ve done a brilliant job of regeneration around that whole area haven’t they? Some of those apartments look like they may cost a bob or two.

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