Favourite village – Adderbury! Oxfordshire

Where is your favourite village? I love Penelope Keith’s Village of the Year programme! Adderbury hasn’t been featured although its neighbour Aynho has.

Inspired by Penelope Keith’s Village of the Year programme currently showing on Channel Four UK TV I feel I should mention my own village of the year or at least my favourite or the one closest to my heart and that is Adderbury in Oxfordshire. We would all have our own favourite village  somewhere which is dear to our hearts for a variety of reasons and I make no apology that Adderbury is mine. Why? well there have been a profuse amount of Payntons living there. Henry Paynton was my maternal great grandfather an agricultural labourer at The Lees and his daughter Minnie Adkins was my grandmother whom I spent a lot of time with.  St Mary’s church saw many christenings (including my own) and weddings of my forbears and it is also the resting place of some of them too.

It’s a pretty village, made of many soft golden Cotswold stone cottages and I lived in one of those in the High Street next to Halls the bakers for the first five years of my life, with my grandparents literally a few houses away I saw them all the time. I attended Christopher Rawlings school and I believe I was one of the first intake there.

When my grandfather Cyril Adkins broke his leg I was about 4 or 5 years old and as it was mending he needed to exercise  so I would walk him round the village hoping to stop off at Clinkards or Bennetts for sweets or an ice cream. I do remember one day he called for me early and I was watching Watch with Mother and I was torn between staying and going!

One winter we had heavy snow and my mum pulled me on a sledge around the village, the sledge having been made by my grandfather. So yes Adderbury is dear to my heart but where in the world is dear to yours?

Post script – Adkins family originated from Bloxham and South Newington, both nearby villages in Oxfordshire. What a great programme from Channel Four.

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