An Phu, Saigon.

Whilst staying in HCMC I stayed in An Phu  and took some candid early morning shots. An Phu is in District 2, Saigon. A mainly residential area with blocks housing foreigners working their socks off in District 1 the upscale downtown hub. It’s also home to locals where wealthy villas rub shoulders with cramped alleyways of […]

What strategies have you adopted to allow you to travel?

What is your travel strategy  that enables you to travel instead of ‘work’? When does giving up your existing life to travel become possible?  I do know of people that have done this…. they tend to be couples, often more mature and usually with something to sell e.g. a house. Others rent out their home to provide a […]

Alligators in Louisiana

Not even a  blink of an eye did this alligator make as he came to look at us crazy sweaty tourists on a  boat in a Louisiana bayou. I have always had an unhealthy maybe some would say a morbid fascination with crocodiles and alligators and whilst my greatest fear would be to discover one in water that […]

Discovering Egypt with Abdul.

It takes a very special person to captivate, educate and  entertain but we knew that Abdul had all three of those qualities the moment we met him on a cruise down the Nile organised by Discover Egypt on a Sonesta cruise ship We were a small group of three which meant we had Abdul’s undivided attention as he led […]

Remembering Hayling Island

Static meaning still, going no where, not moving, not mobile. My first experiences of travel were motoring down the highways and byways way before motorways and service stations from the Midlands to sunny Hayling Island with my grandparents. The journey was a grand event taking nearly four hours due to slow roads and several stop offs along […]

The limestone karsts of Halong Bay

I believe local people used to say the rocks rearing up off the coast of Halong were dragons and it certainly looks like giant fire breathing animals have been carved out of limestone ducking and diving in this natural hotspot in Vietnam.  Previous research via the internet led me to book a cruise with  Indochina Junks and The Grey Traveller chose […]