Ocean Village Southampton – photoblog

6B462A3A-6F66-488A-993B-CF9B0E0D5FE7I had an inkling that today would be good and that I would learn something new. Despite the fact that Southampton  is nearly on my doorstep it’s one of those places that I have driven by many times but in latter years not bothered to stop and investigate further.

Ocean Village is as the name suggests a small village right by the ocean. The ocean being Southampton water which leads to the Solent, one of the busiest sailing areas in the UK. It is a regenerated area that now plays host to residential upscale apartments, snazzy commercial suites, a swish marina with equally swish yachts and leisure craft, a hotel and numerous eateries. (I can recommend Banana Wharf for its first class service, Sunday lamb roast and Chicken noodles with views over the marina).

There are reminders of time past with anchors, bollards and a capstan decorating the walkways…..and something new that I learned was just what a capstan does! Ocean Village is an ideal location to park if wanting to walk the Southampton Walls and mix old with very new architecture…. and that’s another post! Here are the photos.

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