Brideshead’s Oxford.

I must be getting old as I really enjoy Radio Four now!!

Recently I was beside myself to find Brideshead Revisited being dramatised over five episodes and loved revisiting this favourite book. It made me review my recent Oxford photos and all the time I was playing that sombre music in my head. How easy it is to be rushed back 35 years ago when the tv adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s book gripped me and I couldn’t wait for the next episode each week. Of course now I can download for £12.99 from iTunes.

Lord Sebastian Flyte’s Oxford was very different to an Oxford that I know. He haunted the university with his wistful dragging of a teddy called Aloyishous. On his arm would be his aristocratic friends who wined and dined with him when he meets Charles Ryder under difficult but almost comedic circumstances when he leans in the window of Charles’ Oxford rooms and promptly vomits his evening’s good fun on the floor. Charles is captivated by Sebastian and the rest of the Marchmain family not least the sister Julia who he has a relationship with some years later into the book.

My Oxford photos do not really reflect Brideshead’s Oxford but they remind me of that     genteel time of long ago with student bicycles adorning every wall, every road, every alley way, with golden brick colleges and sun dappling the punt filled rivers. Maybe it’s me being wistful that I didn’t live in that time or have that sort of family but oh how life seemed so gloriously slow and indulgent with lazy champagne filled afternoons – was there any time for studying? Thank you Radio Four I am so grateful for that step back in time to both 1981 and the thirties. …but whatever happened to Aloyishious?


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