Plastic packaging – notes from a traveller.

P1030657I can’t write anything new about the environmental impacts of plastic waste, it’s very much on the political agenda and the current news. Landscapes can become visually unappealing, marine life can be affected and locals have to live with it. Many are worried not least people who are living near these toxic waste areas. We can all do our bit by helping to clean up areas and spread the word. I know that the local people are worried about  Halong Bay in Vietnam and the amount of polystyrene, plastic and other waste which finds itself floating and bobbing about against a beautiful back drop of limestone cliffs that travellers the world over have seen or want to see. I spent three days there and whilst kayaking the bay our guide from Indochina Junks suggested we collect some rubbish which he would then sensibly dispose of. I thought it was a great idea. Travellers doing something practical and being educated at the same time…so here I am spreading the word, perhaps you can too.

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