Alligators in Louisiana

IMG_5637.JPGNot even a  blink of an eye did this alligator make as he came to look at us crazy sweaty tourists on a  boat in a Louisiana bayou.

I have always had an unhealthy maybe some would say a morbid fascination with crocodiles and alligators and whilst my greatest fear would be to discover one in water that I’m swimming in, I do like to see them despite the fact they send shivers down my spine. We booked mid day tickets for Cajun Pride Swamp Tours and boarded a boat at Laplace not far from New Orleans, Captain Allen was our guide and ‘daddy’ to gators big and small in them there swamps.

Thank you to a reader for telling me this was an alligator and not a croc, much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Alligators in Louisiana

  1. Holy crap. I remember the hurricane and flooding that hit Texas, Houston my friend Robert found an alligator in his backyard and his house is built on stilts in the water went right up to the stilts. Cars were buried rooms flooded out, and alligator showed up in his backyard. WowWee. Glad you’re safe!

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