The best doorman in the world! – Hard Days Night Hotel, Liverpool.

Dave Nelson.pngAs a traveller and a blogger I have written previously about the the added value of travelling. The planning, the anticipation and then the reflections, the photos and the memories………and now I would like to add one more special ‘added value’ and that is the people you meet whilst travelling and how they add that special something to a place you visit or make your stay just that little bit better. So for me Dave the doorman at the Hard Day’s Night Hotel  is the latter, he made my visit to Liverpool special and my stay at the hotel even better!

I’m a soft southerner and now very much a grey traveller who has always wanted to visit Liverpool inspired by my love of the Beatles and in particular Paul. So when the opportunity recently arose I grabbed my Samsonite and headed north. Finding the hotel was easy and being greeted by Dave was  a much needed warm and friendly welcome after a dreary slog up the motorway …….and just what a hotel should order. Here is a snapshot of a chat with Dave …….

How long have you worked at the Hard Days Night Hotel and have you always worked in hospitality?

I have worked in the Hard Days Night Hotel for just over four years. No I have not always worked in hospitality, I have had a plethora of jobs previous to this. I have served in the army as a physical training instructor, as a fire prevention officer for BBC, local bus driver and I have happily settled in this position as the Hard Days Night hotel doorman. 

I think I detect a Liverpool accent am I right in thinking that you are from Liverpool and can you tell me a little about yourself please?

Yes I am from Liverpool, born and bred. I am from Waterloo which is seen by many as the posh area of Liverpool with a lovely beach.  I am a family man with a wife, three lovely daughters and four grandchildren. My main interest is football, I have supported LFC and attended the home games since I was a young boy. Another interest which you can see is my passion for food, I enjoy eating out and cook at home. I love entertaining in my home. 

Who was the most memorable person that you have greeted at the hotel?

The most memorable person I have welcomed to the hotel is John Hurt. He was a nice down to earth fella who would come outside for a cigarette and chat to all the taxi drivers. 

Now this is where I get very jealous of Dave!!! Are you a fan of the Beatles and have you met any of them?

Yes I am a fan. I think you have to be a fan to work in our hotel. Yes, I have met one of the Beatles. I stood with Paul McCartney for three hours when I worked on the BBC set of Bread as his wife at the time Linda was filming. 

I see that Mathew Street has the recent addition of a statue of Cilla, did you ever meet her?

Yes, I met Cilla when I worked in the BBC studios. She put a smile on everyone’s face. 

Thank you for your comments on the service we offer here. I think that Liverpool is a friendly city and so we try to provide that level of warmth to our guests so that they have a memorable experience in our hotel and city. 

Thank you so much Dave and the rest of the staff at the Hard Day’s Night Hotel, you made my stay wonderful and I hope to see you again soon.


8 thoughts on “The best doorman in the world! – Hard Days Night Hotel, Liverpool.

  1. It is always great to talk to the doorperson(s) of wherever you are staying. When I was in Lima in Peru, I stood and chatted to three doormen who were all on duty together (over employment everywhere as there is no or little social security). They were smart, well spoken, multi-lingual and, like many other people, earning very little by working very, very long hours. It was common, they told us, for people to eat only once a day. They were more fortunate, working in hospitality. The rules of employment were very strict. They took pride in what they did. They told us how they spent their spare time, how important family was in Peru, their hopes for the future (travel and more job security). It was a real eye opener. No complaining, just matter of fact, still cheerful and polite. We interviewed a lot of people on our travels, particularly in Peru, Vietnam and Croatia (sometimes using our guide as an interpreter) and they were always very surprised, saying that tourists rarely engaged with them. Yet it is so eye opening to speak to the people and not just gaze at the sights. This is the difference I think, between tourists and travellers.

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  2. Love your story.. I have not travelled out of the U.S but I am a fan of The Beatles, and would love to go to England some day! I would like to visit this Hard Days Night Hotel- For Sure!!
    -Sandra Mally
    Outspoken Poet in my own right,
    Author of The Echoes The Times The Poetry and I Close My Eyes..


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