Is it viable to give ‘it’ all up and go travelling?

CIMG6595When does giving up your existing life to travel become viable? I do know of people that have done this…. they tend to be couples, often more mature and usually with something to sell e.g. a house. For this to work for couples it has to be a shared aim. People go about these viable changes in different ways….. they sell all their possessions and carefully eke their money out to go travelling.   No doubt at some point they have to return to the ‘real world’ and probably where they call home in order to work again….but how easy is it to give up a career and then get back into it? Some people do a little work as they travel to make their savings go further. Some couples ‘work’ by house and pet sitting and let the destinations choose themselves.

Others rent out their homes and use this money to pay for accommodation. ….but again a fixed term probably has to be agreed…..and how will you feel when returning home if it isn’t in the same state of repair as when left? Is it easy to manage a rented home from overseas or could this be managed locally by a friend or family member.

I do admire people whether solo or couple travellers who choose to leave the rat race and follow their dream but equally I wonder how do they settle after following that dream and returning home? Does home become somewhere else .e.g. wherever they lay their hat or maybe somewhere where they find themselves staying and making new roots.

I’m interested in hearing peoples stories of where they have followed their dream and now returned home the better for it, still following that dream or even perhaps those where the dream turned into a nightmare. So when did full time travel become viable for you? Please get in touch.


6 thoughts on “Is it viable to give ‘it’ all up and go travelling?

  1. I really like the idea of being a wanderlust. Give up the humdrum of life and travel without t care in this world. Until this day I never thought of coming back to the point of origin of my travels. I guess this made me rethink my plans or at least plan it better.

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