What is your travel treat?

1c66c336-bb47-421e-a15f-9b645c9a6a4f.jpegWhat is your treat? Before you can answer that question you need to define ‘treat’. What is a treat? One man’s poison is another man’s treat. What might be a treat for me on one day might not be so far up the list the next. A treat might be a cup of instant coffee after a long day of work, whilst on another day only a  freshly prepared cappuccino with a sprinkle of chocolate in a stylish people watching cafe will do. The treat for me with the pictured coffee was in fact the delightfully arty coloured cup experienced in Seville.

When does a treat become a normal way of life? When is a treat no longer a treat? When do we become too old or too jaded to delight in a treat? What is your treat? Please let me know?


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