Three day itinerary for Seville.

This itinerary assumes you are staying in central Seville such as the old city (Santa Cruz neighbourhood) and that you 3B6F2B39-444B-4105-A4C1-A3DDC06A4B45are happy to walk.

  1. Head west to the outskirts of the tourist map to see what is left of the old city wall, there are orange trees and tapas bars in the area if you need to stop. Head back towards the old city stopping off at the market in Feria which appears to be in the grounds of a church. Still heading west visit  Las Duenas  which is a Spanish ‘stately home’ . It costs 8 euros with an extra 2 euros for an audio tour. The gardens are filled with orange and lemon trees and as a visitor you get to see the downstairs rooms and courtyard. Then for something completely different head south towards the ‘mushroom’ a modern installation which at the time we visited hosted Xmas decorations and a market.  Finally explore the Alameda Hercules area, a large square with cafes edging the plaza and children’s activities in the centre, there will be musicians on street corners and plenty of tapas bars to rest in.
  2. 0D97094E-9D53-433F-AD33-4532ADE44E26Explore the narrow alleyways of Santa Cruz, get tickets for the cathedral, tower and the Real Alcazar. If time allows book tickets for an evening performance of flamenco. We spent a wonderful hour at La Casa Del Flamenco watching and listening to music and dancers.
  3. Before crossing  the Triana bridge join a tour at the Seville bull ring.  In Triana you will experience a very different vibe, somehow it feels much more local here. There are street entertainers on San Jacinto and stylish restaurants along the river front. From the promenade you can see great views of the bull ring and the golden tower. Cross back over to the main city on the San Telmo Bridge and head north east to Seville’s piece de resistance the Plaza Espana. The plaza was built in 1929 for the Exposition, the main building is edged with mosaic benches celebrating Spain’s major cities and towns. The square itself is a terminal for the horse and carriage tours, a fountain and also a great place for wedding photos. You can often hear Spanish guitarists and see flamenco here.

There are many other things to see in Seville such as the inside of many old tapas bars with hanging hams and old mosaics, churches are often open to visitors and there are many squares to rest and watch the world go by.

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