The Little Village Christmas by Sue Moorcroft

49306886-4751-4F0B-A828-E9114E0F0B8E.jpegCome and see my rescued barn owl is not your usual chat up line but then Ben is out of practice and Alexia seems genuinely interested in him…….. or is her interest really focussed on the barn owl or his newly renovated cottage in the woods?

But love grows cold in The Little Village Christmas ….. is it related to the unexpected crime which occurs? The community money and artefacts from The Angel for the community cafe go missing. It is coincidence that the building contractors have also gone AWOL?

The village had put their confidence and their money into Alexia and her interior decorating skills and now it seems that the perfect project has come crashing down, no resources, no money and no contractors……. and so it would seem a Christmas miracle is needed. Books are not just for Christmas they are for any time of the year and Sue Moorcroft‘s stories are evidence enough for that. A first class story for any time of the year in my book.

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