The Escape by C L Taylor

58C4A3E0-FA72-47FD-B60B-D20F29FC1A9CI was thrilled to the very last word …. thank you C L Taylor. This book is a physochological thriller designed to make you question each character and every plot line. We are introduced to Jo a rather nervous mum of Elise. It seems she has every reason to be nervous as Paula a middle aged stalker is on her case big time. She is being followed, her house is broken into and much worse little Elise has bruise marks on her body.

Husband Max is weary, there is only so much sympathy he can administer and only so much advice he can give …… how long will it be before he snaps? Jo needs to escape but her step father is very ill and her mother needs her. Jo runs away with her mother’s knowledge and her friend Helen’s help. Assuming a new identity for both herself and Elise Jo fabricates a temporary new life.

But even in a new area Jo is wary of everyone, can she trust them? Mary her middle aged land lady has her own back story but it’s Mary that starts to see a chink in Jo’s clever facade. Jo can run but can Jo hide?


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