My travel calling

IMG_6845Some people have a calling to join the church, to help others less fortunate or to nurse the sick. My calling is somewhat selfish I am called to travel and as I get older I feel time is running out and so the calling is getting stronger and the desire greater to see the rest of the world. Where does the calling come from? What makes individuals drawn to something? I think my calling comes from always wanting to explore and to see what is round the corner. My calling has forced a trip to Seville on me, that’s my next new area to explore and if you keep reading my blog you too will find out what’s round the corner! What is your travel calling?

12 thoughts on “My travel calling

  1. I also love to travel. I’m grey without the highlights (my choice, not big on maintenance). Doing bits of travel now, limited some by circumstances–desire to keep working for a while longer and an an elderly cat. And the bug remains.

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      1. Not sure. I have a work trip to Calgary in April, may expand it a little to see more of the Canadian Rockies, although not an ideal time of year, I imagine. May hit Glacier NP this summer. Still pondering.

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    1. We have still got one at home…. but he is 25 but we have def got more in since he turned 18. We love Asia and Vietnam in particular….if I can help with any questions you might have please let me know. Haven’t been to Chicago yet. We are going to Seville on 27th.

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      1. We are planning a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in April. Any advice would be great :). We went to Seville a couple of years ago and loved it! If you are driving in Seville, there are a lot of one way small streets that can get you lost 🙂

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      2. The people are lovely in SE Asia. Staying in the old quarter of ant town/city is great. If going to Siem Reap to see temples, go first thing in the morning because it gets very hot. The other temples I.e. not Angkor Wat are quieter and beautiful. We are not planning to drive in Seville because we love to walk. Have a great Christmas


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