IMG_7814As a geographer and passionate traveller the word  Compass is embedded in my psyche. We should use compass directions in our every day language when we talk about where a place is located, are we travelling north or south for example. Very often the uninitiated will say  that Brighton is below London….well of course they are right, when you look on a map Brighton is below London!

With the advent of Sat Navs we are less likely to need mapping skills but we use maps all the time even if we scribble a badly drawn street map from memory to show a friend how to reach our home. You might use a map in a shopping mall to locate a particular cafe or service or even in a theme park to reach the most popular ride before all the other tourists do! We are navigating ourselves around a space without satellite help!

Most people can locate north and south on a compass but very often will mix up west and east …….. just remember it should spell WE.

So I am heading South to Seville after Christmas, South East at Easter to Myanamar and South East once again to Sri Lanka……. I am hoping to head north to Stratford and Liverpool if time allows……..but for the time being I am heading a few steps north to bed to dream about holding that virtual compass as I travel the rest of this wide world.



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