Castle Hill, Budapest.


Key Points

  • Location
  • Transport
  • Highlights
  • What to see and do


Highlights for me in this area were the stained glass windows in Mathias Church and the views from the Fisherman’s Bastion

Budapest is dissected by the River Danube, originally two settlements Buda and Pest and now a top tourist city break in Hungary in Eastern Europe.

If staying in  ‘Pest’  take the left hand pedestrian route across the Chain bridge which will bring you to the foot of Castle Hill where most of the attractions are located.

You can then either queue for a funicular  rail ticket or hop on a shuttle bus which will drop you at a choice of six stops. We chose the shuttle to take us to the furthest point which includes the Military Museum and walked back to the Fisherman’s Bastion district which is the most popular. We took the funicular back down the hill by choice although we could have used our ticket again for the shuttle. The shuttle is rather like a milk float and costs 6 Euros and has seating for about ten people.

The Hungarian Museum of Military History does what it says on the box…..provides the visitor with more than a potted history and those that are more visual amongst us there were lots of weapons of war and personal belongings to see.

The busiest area is around Fisherman’s Bastion and the views take in Pest, in particular you can see the layout of the Parliament Buildings, the dome of St Stephen’s Basilica, Chain bridge and the boats taking visitors up and down the Danube. There is definitely a different vibe on the Buda side and the buildings are architecturally different.

Mathias 955B03BE-6A3C-454F-9B51-677E821046C5Church is worth a visit, the ceilings are decorated in gold and the stained glass windows are colourful and appear quite modern in style.  The exterior of the church is all knobs and gargoyles and gothic in character!

Signposts lead you to the ruined foundations of the castle and the opulent and substantial Royal Palace, again here the views are good for photographers. There is a museum within the palace and there is a cafe and stalls to take advantage of before travelling back down Castle Hill.





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