Travel Bliss

Travel Bliss

FCD831F2-3F8A-42DB-BE50-F271C7EC52AEBliss can mean different things to different people. Bliss to me means sinking into the settee at the end of a working day with a cup of coffee and complete silence. In my head currently   I feel to achieve ultimate bliss  I need to be travelling. Bliss is when I travel Business Class and I can avoid the queuing in airports, when I exit the main concourse and arrive in that silent hub which is a dedicated airline lounge, the drop in decibels is audible! When I turn left on an aircraft and sink into a single pod.

Bliss is when I open the curtains on a new view be it city scape or rolling waves. Bliss is when I close the curtains and darkness wraps me in warmth sophomoric waves. Bliss is not having to do anything but take in the new experiences whether it be talking to new people, learning something new or arriving in a new destination. …an empty beach, my own swimming pool, the perfect temperature, a cushioned beach bed, a glass of champagne, a good book…..I could go on

But the question is…if I achieve my perceived ultimate bliss will it actually be bliss? will I have a new concept which then becomes the new bliss? Will I be forever striving to find the new bliss and will I ever be travel sated? Answers on a quality postcard please! ….preferably with a sunset view over an empty beach and when it drops through my letter box (preferably silently) I’ll muse over the bliss suggestions and let you know what the new black is, when Tuesday becomes the new Friday and what   bliss heaven is likely to look like!

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