Callas Cafe and restaurant – Budapest

Key Points

  • What!
  • Where
  • Food and Drink
  • Entertainment



The Grey Traveller happened upon the Callas cafe and restaurant  on the wide upscale boulevard of Andressy on the Pest side of Budapest. I failed to see the obvious relationship with the name of this eating place and its location straight away …. however after a very acceptable Hungarian fizz it sunk in Callas …….. right next to the Opera House! Close to major sites such as the St Stephen’s Basilica and Terror House you can stop here for coffee or dinner as I did.


Originally a baker’s building in the 19th century and with a glorious art deco ceiling my eyes were skyward when I wasn’t eating. The waiter told me that it didn’t become a restaurant until the 1970’s.


With a quintet of violinists and cellists and their gentle classical music it made the ambience seem somewhat special.

I enjoyed a crispy salmon in an orange sauce with vegetables, a taste to die for and then some, with a glass of wine it totalled £18.

Whilst there I spotted two groups of walkers who enjoyed a dessert  wine with a trio of mini desserts which on enquiring were part of a gourmet eating walking tour ….next time I will be with them!

Non, Je ne rien regrette Callas ……….. it was very special.


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