The Escape by C L Taylor

I was thrilled to the very last word …. thank you C L Taylor. This book is a physochological thriller designed to make you question each character and every plot line. We are introduced to Jo a rather nervous mum of Elise. It seems she has every reason to be nervous as Paula a middle […]

My travel calling

Some people have a calling to join the church, to help others less fortunate or to nurse the sick. My calling is somewhat selfish I am called to travel and as I get older I feel time is running out and so the calling is getting stronger and the desire greater to see the rest […]


As a geographer and passionate traveller the word  Compass is embedded in my psyche. We should use compass directions in our every day language when we talk about where a place is located, are we travelling north or south for example. Very often the uninitiated will say  that Brighton is below London….well of course they […]