New York Cafe – Budapest

Key Points Location Costs Eating Seeing   So we were £36* lighter or thereabouts after a visit to the decadent New York Cafe . …..but it was so worth it! Part of the Boscolo Hotel and located on Dahoney Street on the Pest side of Budapest, it is close to the great synagogue if you are sight seeing […]

With a Friend Like You – by Fanny Blake

A bombshell is dropped at the supper table and Beth’s very ordered world is suddenly in disarray. Her finely tuned schedules and carefully planned life choices are destroyed when eldest daughter Ella (destined to study Medicine at Cambridge) announces that she is pregnant. Beth turns to her best family friend Megan for advice and consolation […]

1956 Hungarian Uprising memorial – Budapest

A charming gent with an umbrella invited us to take a few steps underground to visit this fascinating memorial. A darkened tunnel lit by displays and floor lights led us through the dark days of October 1956. So many people died and so many people fled. 2500 Hungarians lost their lives and 200,000 moved away. […]

Aria Hotel, luxury in Budapest.

Key Points Location Staying Sleeping Eating Bathing Spa   What an experience for The Grey Traveller ………as the taxi drew up to the grand entrance of this fabulous hotel, the doors of the Aria swiftly opened and magically our suitcases were in the foyer before I could say köszönöm to either the taxi driver or doorman! The hotel […]