The People at Number 9 by Felicity Everett

img_9782.jpgLou and Gav are the new people at number 9, newcomers to London suburbia and the safe yummy mummy world of Sara and her husband.

Suburbia is a hot bed of one upmanship and the right schools and the not so yummy mummy Lou turns Sara’s life upside down.

Bohemian and arty Lou and Gav don’t worry about what people think, they take advantage of other people and don’t necessarily have conventional parenting rules but Sara feels drawn to them and increasingly gives the cold shoulder to her other friends such as Carol.

Sara finds herself looking after Lou’s children time and time again whilst Lou and Gav follow their artistic careers. They share Sunday afternoon walks, drunken Saturday evenings, family weekends away and confidences. When Sara finds Lou’s nose piercing in her bed she realises that the closeness of the two families has gone a step too far and Sara needs to withdraw……….

The cover asks ‘who side are you on?’ I find it difficult to answer that question as I flipped allegiance throughout the book. But I don’t find it difficult to say how much I enjoyed this read from Felicity Everett.

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