Simply Argan’s Collagen Facial Moisturiser with Argan Oil.

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  • img_9784-e1511519599869.jpgRich
  • Soft
  • Cooling
  • Easy to use pump action
  • Hand bag size


From the Simply Argan range comes the lovely Collagen Facial Moisturiser 30ml of pure pampering for the face and this mature face needs all the help it can get. Skin definitely feels better for it. I like the way it glides on and sinks deep leaving a soft finish, prepped and good to go for make up application.

The fragrance is light and in no way overpowering. As well as the moisturising properties of argan oil, other ingredients include aloe vera, neroli, apricot, sea buckthorn, petitgrain & vetiver. In a sleek silver topped container it is light and small enough to carry in a handbag.

Use code AQ415M at check out to enjoy a 10% discount on this and other simply argan products. As an affiliate of Simply Argan I earn commission from each sale.

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