Travels with my father – Jack and Michael Whitehall

P1070220Myself and he who likes to think he is obeyed have not laughed so hard for so long whilst watching  Jack and Michael Whitehall do their gap year together in 5 weeks.

The Netflix series of 6 episodes in South East Asia was all too short. Kicking off in Bangkok, father and son took in the city and its surrounds, Cambodia and Vietnam, street food and basic transport and all the time  our Michael was dressed as our man in Havana, cream suit, trilby and suede shoes.

How Micheal was able to keep his deadpan expression for so long I really don’t know although I did glimpse what looked like some suppressed  turning up at the corners/wide grins about to break out when the camera wasn’t looking!!

What a privilege as an adult to share an experience like that with your dad. Jack seemed very patient as did Michael, they both made us roar! As a traveller and with South East Asia a favourite travelling region it was great to see some of the places that we had visited over the years. I had to side with Michael on the accommodation front, as a mature traveller I need a bit of luxury and I’m not sure being packed like a sardine in a bag packers hostel makes for interesting travel at my age.

Just wondering how Winston is now? and Jack and Michael please film some more travels sometime soon!


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