With a Friend Like You – by Fanny Blake


A bombshell is dropped at the supper table and Beth’s very ordered world is suddenly in disarray. Her finely tuned schedules and carefully planned life choices are destroyed when eldest daughter Ella (destined to study Medicine at Cambridge) announces that she is pregnant.

Beth turns to her best family friend Megan for advice and consolation only to find that Ella has already confided in Megan. Beth is somewhat shocked by this revelation and  feels undermined by her friend. She also  considers that she has been let down by husband Jon…… who seems to side with their daughter as she makes the decision to keep the baby and defer her valuable uni place.

With a Friend Like You who needs enemies you can hear Beth thinking! Further shocks ricochet round the families when the name of the father emerges. Ella continues to study as her belly grows with Beth and Jon’s grandchild, but still Beth is frustrated that her plans for her clever daughter seem to be shattered. A second bombshell is dropped this time by Beth and this time the fall out scatters and injures all members of her family. Recovery is likely to be long and painful.

Will the two families ever be able to sew the ripping seams back together again? Beth thinks not.

Fanny Blake has done us readers proud. An everyday story of ordinary folk with skeletons in their cupboards!


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