New York Cafe – Budapest

IMG_9419Key Points

  • Location
  • Costs
  • Eating
  • Seeing


So we were £36* lighter or thereabouts after a visit to the decadent New York Cafe . …..but it was so worth it! Part of the Boscolo Hotel and located on Dahoney Street on the Pest side of Budapest, it is close to the great synagogue if you are sight seeing in that area. Rich in decor, high in quality and so very civilised.

Whilst sipping a peach bellini The Grey Traveller sat in awe gazing at the gold leaf ceilings, the highly decorated walls and shiny gold pillars. Whilst nibbling slowly a rich piece of cheesecake I listened to genteel classical music, soft and unobtrusive as my ‘ghast was truly flabbered at such beautiful surroundings. What a grand building and what a grand pleasure it was to partake of fizz and cake, it makes a great treat after a day of sightseeing.

*For two people

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