Mass Tourism – your views please.

IMG_9427Key Points

  • Mass tourism
  • Benefits of mass tourism
  • Disadvantages of mass tourism
  • Environmentally friendly practice in hotels
  • Ecotourism


Mass tourism is a lot of people in the same place at the same time. Much has been written recently about the damaging effects of too many people in some destinations…..but we do know that tourism has also changed the lives of many ostensibly for the better. With tourism comes employment, employment means wages, wages means the ability to clothe and feed your family. Resulting in better living conditions and a boosted local economy.

We can argue that have living conditions really improved if the locale’s ambience has changed, peace and quiet replaced with noise, overcrowding and lack of sensitivity and corruption of local traditions to suit the visiting tourist. With that comes contamination of water sources and deforestation of land to build hotels and attractions.

With the world getting smaller, fragile environments and wilderness areas are being gobbled up by the hungry tourist. Yes I’m one of them, I want to see the world before I kick the bucket and so do many other people.

In recent months we have seen comments about restricting visitor numbers to tourist hot spots …………… but what do you think, is this the answer?

Im not looking for an argument on the rights and wrongs of tourism but would like a list of sites/places that you think are on the verge of being ‘tourist spoilt’ .

Some might say that ecotourism is the answer but although a growing area is still very much a niche market and still very often an expensive alternative. Although many hotels and tourist attractions adopt very good environmental practice it doesn’t make them ecotourism sites. I am glad to take advantage when a hotel suggests reuse of bed linen and towels, I am pleased to see that local produce is used and local people employed but this does not make for ecotourism per se.  I haven’t actually visited an ecotourism project so again would love your recommendations.

Please comment below it would be very much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Mass Tourism – your views please.

  1. This is really a mixed bag of benefits and disadvantages. It is hard to say where the answer lies. Time will tell. You mention eco-practices of some hotels. I get frustrated when the hotel instructs guests to hang up towels they will use again and leave the others on the floor, only to return and find all my towels have been changed out. Save the card stock if you are going to replace them anyway.

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