Walking the Thames Path – Old Windsor – Egham – Staines

IMG_6851There is nothing better than catching the last of the autumn sun by walking alongside one of our national treasures – the Thames. The pathways might be a bit muddy but the views are polished and the terrain relatively flat. Parking by the National Trust cafe on the Windsor Road at Runnymede you can make your choice by walking eastwards towards Old Windsor or westwards towards Staines either way the views are great and the Thameseside houses even greater…. this is what living is all about I’m sure for footballers and actors, this is prime property and big bucks and beautiful…..and me just a little jealous.


Right by the cafe are sign posts to the Magna Carta memorials and The Kennedy memorial. You can also walk across these meadows to reach Egham town centre.

 Refreshment stops include Runnymede Hotel where you can sit outside and watch the boats, you can also hire them from the hotel on an hourly basis.

Reaching Staines there is nothing better than sitting el fresco at the The Swan Hotel which offers boutique rooms and beach hut tables outside, what a great mix! I’ll be staying there shortly so look out for the review.

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