Promenading in Cagnes Sur Mer

IMG_6583Key Points

  • Location
  • Walking on the promenade
  • Parking
  • Things to see in Cagnes


Cagnes Sur Mer is a larger than you first think French Riviera town not far from Nice. It’s a great place to walk along a wide promenade for miles both east and west of the town.

With just one euro for half a day’s parking which is cheap for the South of France it makes for a great bit of exercise after all the baguettes, cheese and pate you are likely to sample in this area. (There appears to be plenty of available street parking close to the beach).

There are bikes to hire, numerous beach front bars and a tiny fishing port to explore. It’s easy to pack in a four or five mile walk on flat terrain especially if you arrive early to beat the sun.

Driving out of Cagnes it’s clear its become a modern sprawling town with plenty of shops, apartments and hotels ……. and if stamina allows there is a quaint historic hill top village of Haut des Cagnes perched high looking down on its modern rival.


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