Reasons to visit Grasse, South of France.

IMG_6535.JPGKey points

  • Museum of perfume
  • Other things to see in Grasse

Say Grasse and most people think of perfume and certainly there are plenty of reminders of fragrance in this pretty historic town in the South of France. Arriving early it was easy to secure a parking place in one of several underground car parks. The road from Vence to Grasse is a winding picturesque drive taking in countryside and pretty hilltop villages such as Tourrettes Sur Loup.

At just 6 Euro the Musee de perfume is a pleasant way to spend an hour or two learning about the social history of the area and how perfume is made. There was also an added bonus of an exhibition which celebrates the life of Christian Dior. It opens at 10am most days.

I loved the opportunity to smell the different aromas from rose to lily of the valley and seeing the old perfume flacons.

Of course Grasse isn’t just about perfume, there are great views from the town over the countryside, delightful alleyways to explore, a chocolate maker to indulge your taste buds and the lovely Place des Aires which is a square with a great daytime vibe which is an ideal place to grab a coffee and people watch!

So yes Grasse is worth a visit but try going early to beat the heat.

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