House of Dreams by Fanny Blake

IMG_9081Hope is making her last journey – this time in a porcelain urn. Her family and friends are gathered in the woodland which borders her Spanish home aka The House of Dreams. ………And so Fanny Blake weaves a sunny story around a weekend when all that knew her come to say their goodbyes.

Hope’s life has been colourful she has three children each with a different father. There is Jo the career woman and single mother to Ivy, Tom who is the ‘man of the family’ who likes to appear strong and in control but has in fact a vulnerable side, a ‘perfect wife’ to maintain and two less than perfect teenage children. Then there is Lucy who hasn’t quite found her niche yet.

Each of hope’s children are looking to unravel some secrets and as they lay Hope to rest they want to find a legacy of answers.

The story takes us through a long weekend, as friends and family arrive old flames are ignited, questions are asked, gifts given, heated conservations take place and many bottles of wine are consumed.IMG_9081

Do they get the answers they are searching for or are they blown away with Hope in the Spanish breeze?

Once again a family story keeps the reader spellbound to the very last page……….. thank you Fanny and Orion until the next great Blake publication…..I can’t wait!


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