Last Dance in Havana – Rosanna Ley

IMG_8728.JPGFrom the sultry heat of a Cuban dance floor in Old Havana to the cooling sea breezes of Bristol this story neatly hops from one continent to another cleverly weaving two love stories together.

These love stories do not run smoothly of course, there is Elisa and Duardo split from each other due to conflicting times and  Elisa finds herself washed up in Bristol eventually finding a husband and a stepdaughter called Grace. Grace meanwhile is married to Robbie but is enchanted by Theo. Robbie is Theo’s best friend!

Theo and Elisa are both involved in a local Spanish speaking group in Bristol and they make a pilgrimage of sorts to Cuba where they hope all the loose ends will be tied.

From the late fifties to current times the twists and turns of this love story salsa sees family secrets revealed, relationships healed and rifts smoothed over. But who will partner who in the final dance?

A great read from Rosanna and another location to add to The Grey Traveller’s bucket list!


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