Satay and sunsets: Seminyak, Bali.

IMG_8837Two teenage girls beckoned us down a narrow alley behind the main Seminyak thoroughfare, they were keen to show us the menu of Warung Siam and for £14 we both enjoyed a main course and an alcoholic drink.

The chicken was pasted in a sesame and cashew dressing and the taste was to die for. If I go back to Bali I will be going back for this dish!

Satay – peanut sauce often served with skewered chicken best washed down with a raspberry mojito on the verandah of Batik from where you can people watch the passers by, marvel at the mad moped driving and watch the fire eaters entertaining in the streets.

And talking of cocktails the best way to watch the sun go down is on the beach at either Samaya or sitting on a bean bag at  Mano Seaside . The views are fabulous and the drinks cheap.

Of course it’s not all about the satay and sunsets in Seminyak, the people are friendly and the temples are beautiful.

80% percent of the Balinese people are Hindu and in every village there are three communal temples with each home having its own small temple and they are rightly proud of these deep orange terracotta monuments, decorated with faces, elephants and raffia offerings. You can visit Dang Kahyangan Pura Petitenget just along the beach from Mano Seaside and you will be very much welcomed if you are dressed in a sarong with shoulders covered.

If the evenings are all about the sunsets the mornings are all about surfing on those great big rolling waves. Beautiful beaches and beautiful people edge the upscale resorts along this area of Bali. Expensive boutiques joggle with souvenir shops in the Seminyak Square area but whatever floats your boat retail wise the shop staff are friendly and not pushy. There are Balinese massages on offer from £5 and a fish pedicure much the same. So maybe the title of this post should have been, satay, sunsets and shopping!

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