Our Summer Together – Fanny Blake

IMG_7885.JPGA chance meeting and at an unexpected crossroads in her life, Caro finds herself with a summer never to forget.

Up until now her life had seemingly been mapped out and she expected to graciously enter  retirement comfortably off with a husband of many years in her beloved home Treetops. Reaching middle age she has two grown daughters both settled; a grandson and time to teach and do her painting.

But Chris her husband leaves her and all that she knows is about to change….is it for better or for worse?

Damir the painter and decorator becomes her friend then lover. Nothing unusual about that you might mutter, but he is fifteen years her junior!

A collision of two worlds, safe middle class home counties artist meets Eastern European wanderer with a difficult past. Damir is afraid to lay roots after living through many years of hardship, experiencing war, loss of lives and loves and after all what could they possibly have in common???????? Her friend “she of loose morals” encourages Caro to seek a love life whilst one of her daughter’s is horrified. She finds an unexpected ally in her mother and indeed her second daughter but all is not a bed of roses for Caro as she counts the days on her calender she knows summer is shortly coming to an end. Will she enter the autumn of her life alone?

Published by Orion books  ….I can’t wait for the next Fanny Blake

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