The ABC of Bath or 26 reasons why to visit!

IMG_7531.JPGA is for the River Avon which offers great views of the weir, boat trips and riverside walks……. and of course the abbey with its square busy with entertainers. Afternoon tea at the Assembly Rooms.

IMG_7516B is for Browns and their delicious Clover Club cocktail.

C is for a crescent, Royal Crescent a glorious bend of Georgian Houses and where Number One  is open to the public. C is also for the Circus a nearby circle of equally great architecture.

D is for Dorian House on Upper Oldfield, a great place to lodge whilst visiting the city.

E is for easy, a city easy to walk and navigate with maps aplenty.

IMG_9891F is for the Fashion Museum.

G is for the golden stone that this city is built with, which brightens up even a rainy day.

H is for Holburne Museum and its peaceful gardens and lovely cafe.

I is for Ice cream and in particular the clotted cream fudge from Marshfields Farm.

J is for the jokey living statues near the abbey.

K is for kooky, quirky art.

L is for losing yourself in retail therapy heaven, so many shops from High Street favourites to specialists stores and boutiques.

IMG_9871M is for the arty maps on lamp posts.

N is for Number 15 a great cocktail bar on Great Pulteney Street.

O is for open top buses great for the first time visitor.

P is for Pulteney Bridge for a great view of the weir and Boaters for dinner.

Q is for the quirkiness and the surprises around each corner.

R is for the rooftops and chimney pots which you see as you descend down into the city. Also for rugby! Roman Baths and pump room.

S is for the Sky view walk and Sidney Gardens.

T is for the Thermal Spa, go at night and see the lights come on in the city.

U is for the umbrellas in the shopping area, creating a faux ceiling.

V is for views from the Walk to the View.

….and XY and Z  ….maybe you can add these for me!



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