Lordington Lavender

IMG_5460Lording ton Farm near Chichester in Sussex has just closed it’s gates on their last day of their annual open week…….. where we mere mortals can wander aimlessly through clouds of purple, mauve and violet and inhale that wonderful aroma evocative of summer days and our granny’s drawers.

The visit is so beautifully done, from an online order for a ticket, clear signage in the locale and friendly parking attendants commandeering a field to line the visiting cars up ready for a feast for the eyes….all this and still not a whiff of lavender until you make your way along a rutted path through some stables and there it is a  hidden drop of flora. Rows upon rows of this old fashioned flower in all its summer glory.


Tractors will take those unable to manage the rough terrain; there are also hay bales to enjoy a drink and relax; picnics are encouraged and also a stall selling lavender products.

It’s satisfying seeing so many bees collecting pollen in a climate where we are clearly anxious about losing them.

So until next year my memories will be just that… a few photographs and an underwear drawer which is sweetly smelling.

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