Sipping a Singapore Sling in Raffles

IMG_6568Yes it so has to be done ~ albeit I baulked at the 31.50SD that I paid. But Raffles! you can’t not do it, after all when are you going to be in Singapore again?

This beautiful low rise white colonial style building is almost bullied by the glossy hi rise scrapers alongside but once through those doors in fact even just walking up to the entrance those skyscrapers are long forgotten.

Piano tinkling …….you’ve got it, you are whisked back to those colonial days of the thirties. The Long Bar is undergoing renovation at the moment but you can still take a Singapore Sling in theBar and Billiard Room  and throw your peanut shells on the floor….really? oh yes, it does go against the grain but when in Rome!

You are seated at a lovely shiny wooden bar or a cosy table and before you know it you are served a frothy pink cocktail in a knickerbocker glory shaped glass with a pineapple wedge and a cherry. They were invented at the turn of the last century for ladies that lunch or in those days ladies that stood quietly at the sides of their menfolk.

Yes you can get a sling cheaper elsewhere but you have to tick this off your bucket list so you can say “Yes of course I’ve drank a Singapore Sling in Raffles”!

The Grey Traveller stayed at the Pan Pacific  conveniently close on Raffles Boulevard.



3 thoughts on “Sipping a Singapore Sling in Raffles

  1. Absolutely love this! I travel as BA crew for my “work” (feel like I can hardly call it that) and have been here too.. it was so fun and definitely one to tick off the bucket list! Currently not travelling (obviously) but loving reading your blog. How do I subscribe? And have you got any other recommendations for West Sussex walks:)

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    1. If you go to bottom of page you can subscribe via email. Thank you for your comments. I will give some thought about West Sussex and get back to you. Are you working for BA at the moment


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