One small act of kindness – Lucy Dillon

IMG_7193Wouldn’t it be great if we all pledged to do one act of kindness tomorrow and maybe our small act would trigger someone else to do the same and before we know it the idea would snowball until it became second nature to pledge a small act of kindness each day?

Lucy Dillon’s book centres on Libby’s act of kindness to Alice after the latter is discharged from hospital after a nasty accident whereby one of her injuries was her loss of memory.

The story unravels as Alice’s memory unfolds; all this whilst she is helping Libby to restore her inlaw’s hotel. Libby is trying to infuse a little luxury and a contemporary theme  whilst her erstwhile husband is less than helpful with his tendency to gamble a little with their savings.

Alice is catapulted into a ‘relationship’ which she didn’t remember and a job at the hotel which she loves. As her memory comes back in small dribbles and then much larger leaps she is astounded and saddened by what she learns……of course we know there should be a happy ending when the story starts with an act of kindness but what that ending is you will have to find out by reading this great paperback published by Hodder.

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